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"This collection is about friendship, as it features garnets that symbolize eternal friendship and trust. These garnets were found by my friend Aliina from an extinct volcano called Cerro del Hoyazo in Almería, Spain. Aliina herself is the model for this collection. The last eruption of this volcano occurred approximately 6 million years ago, which means that these mineral stones have surfaced since then and crystalized.


In spiritual meanings, garnets are known as energizing healing stones that bring balance, strength, and protection to both the mind and body. They hold various meanings such as love, stability, confidence, and the ability to dispel negative energies.

Garnets come in a variety of colors, and the specific type featured in this collection is called Almandine, which has a deep red hue. The collection is a limited edition available in three different sizes. The stones are expertly cut by hand in Stockholm by Peter Delerholm, utilizing a brilliant cut on the surface and a Portuguese cut underneath to maximize the number of facets and enhance the sparkle.


The pendants are crafted from 18K solid gold and adorned with a garnet, each piece includes a 18K gold chain. All pieces are handmade in Stockholm."

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